Increase the Efficiency of Your Commute with Hybrid and Electric Cars

Driving around town can have an impact on your car. Maybe you're out shopping in Roswell and encounter stop and start traffic, or trying to get around the drivers visiting Marietta, you may notice a critical drop in fuel efficiency as you drive through town. That stop and start traffic means there are times when your engine is running when it doesn't need to, or power is lost as you have to quickly brake. Ford has been producing hybrid cars since 2005 with a limited number of models available.

Now, in 2018, Ford offers two lines of hybrid-electric cars and two lines of electric vehicles; all of them are priced for the average consumer. With hybrid technology, cars will consume less gasoline and emit fewer contaminants, such as carbon monoxide, into the air. Electric cars are ideal for driving around town while producing zero emissions.

  • C-Max Hybrid combines a 2.0L engine and lithium ion battery to deliver a fuel-efficient ride in your daily commute. The electronic constant variable transmission ensures a smooth, regular delivery of power as you accelerate.
  • The Fusion Hybrid SE uses regenerative braking to help restore power to the lithium ion batteries, and the customizable SmartGauge lets you see your fuel efficiency and will even coach you for most effective braking.
  • Focus Electric has an electric motor for no fuel consumption at all. The charge port is located where the fuel cap would be and has an LED indicator to let you know when the batteries finish charging. An optional Combo Connector System gives you the ability to plug into 120V, 240V, and fast charge with DC.
  • Fusion Energi Titanium is a hybrid with incredible fuel efficiency while still giving you the comfort and conveniences you'd expect from a standard car.

Driving through Milton and Alpharetta feels that much more relaxing when you don't have to worry as much about your fuel gauge and visiting Sandy Springs and Johns Creek will be a smooth, clean, and efficient ride. At Angela Krause Ford, we want your daily commute to be pleasant and not take its toll on your budget.

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