Green Car Drivers in Georgia Will Appreciate the Ford Motor Company's Commitment to Sustainability

Georgia drivers are becoming more aware about how driving correlates to the environment, which is why areas around Marietta and Johns Creek are seeing an increasing demand for greener cars with each passing year. Fortunately, there are automakers who are willing to supply products that are more eco-conscious. One example is the Ford Motor Company. As demonstrated by its recent shift in business practices, the manufacturer is taking a more sustainable approach and is helping to revolutionize the industry in turn.

Ford Presents More Choices for Green Cars

Just imagine how much better your everyday commutes would be from Sandy Springs to Milton and beyond with a more efficient vehicle. Thankfully for customers of Angela Kraus Ford, our brand offers plenty of options. As a part of its sustainability initiative, there are many hybrid and electric Ford cars listed in the lineup. Just take the new Ford Fusion Energi. Thanks to its combination of an Atkinson-cycle engine, electric motor, eCVT transmission, and lithium-ion battery, it can hit marks up to 104 city and 91 highway MPGe! Coupled with technologies like regenerative braking and SmartGauge® with EcoGuide that help you conserve energy, this model will enable you to drive farther for less. Even better news: Ford plans to expand this selection by creating additional vehicles with electric powertrains, so car buyers will soon have greener choices to consider!

Take the Next Step Toward a Greener Future with Ford

This is only one of the ways in which the Ford Motor Company demonstrates its dedication to achieving a more sustainable future. In fact, the automaker has changed much of its production process and has reduced its carbon footprint by as much as 30-percent. The plan, which was put in place in 2010, was to reach this goal by 2025—yet Ford got there eight years early. That is why you can trust the brand to keep up the excellent work. We are proud to be a Ford dealer serving Alpharetta, Roswell, and surrounding Georgia areas for this reason.

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