2018 Ford Fiesta ST Is a Demon On Three-Cylinders

A whole lot of people love the Ford Fiesta ST. To us, that means that there’s no serious size limit to what makes a hot hatch, well, hot. Now, the 2018 Fiesta ST has been unveiled, and it’s got some new tricks up its sleeve in the form of a three-cylinder EcoBoost engine.

Wait, hold up. Three-cylinders? You read that right. The new engine powering the Fiesta ST is none other than Ford Performance’s first-ever three-banger. In fact, in some situations, the mill can operate on two. For power, Ford posits a 197 hp rating, with torque “somewhere” around the 202 lb-ft of the outgoing model. We’ve been advised peak twist kicks in lower in the rev range, however, meaning this car will be a bit quicker than the outgoing model.

If you want to learn more about the Fiesta ST, stay tuned to our blog. It won’t be launched until early next year. To check out the other performance models the Blue Oval puts out, contact our Ford dealership in Alpharetta, GA at your convenience.


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