Ford's 2017 Escape: Fear Car Seats No More

Need an escape to get away from the annoyances of car seat installation? Ford has one. The 2017 Ford Escape doesn't eliminate the need for car seats, but it does provide the perfect conditions for easy installation.

How easy? In car seat tests performed by, the 2017 Escape received "A" ratings in every relevant category. You’d be hard-pressed to find another class of its size that's better suited to carrying your car seats (and the children who ride in them).

The Escape scores so well by getting the basics right. Its five-seat interior has more than enough room to house car seats of all sizes and configurations. It also has some of the best latches and tether anchors you'll find in a current car. A lot of vehicles cram their latches too deeply into the seat cushions, making them hard to reach and use. The Escape leaves the latches out in the open so you can access them with ease.

In short, the Escape basically just does the smart things that every car should do. You deserve a car with those smarts. Come on down to Angela Krause Ford in Alpharetta, GA and let us find the perfect car for you in our inventory of new Ford cars.

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