Improve Your Fuel Economy While On The Road

If you're driving on a regular basis, there are a few things that you can do to improve your mileage. Fuel economy is not a complex thing, and if you think it is, you'll miss out on the greater good that the following tips may give you. If you want better gas mileage, do these things on the road.

Don't Speed Up 

While on the freeway, keep your speeds steady. When you accelerate, slow down, and then accelerate faster again, you are going to be injecting more fuel into your engine and burning gasoline. That's not a good thing. Stay on the path, keep steady, and try not to speed up too often.

Choose Highways Not Road

Go on the highway whenever you can, and avoid roads. Roads are great, but there's a lot of stop and go found in this option. Choosing freeways and highways will let you travel at a steady speed without stopping so much, and causing your gas to get burned.

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